Hey, there!

Aspiring doctor, pilot, businessman, entrepreneur, teacher and chef. Those are just a few hats that I’ve put on in the past few decades. Hi, I’m Moshe!

After I stumbled into the culinary world in my early twenties… I never looked back. Driven by a tireless passion to do more, be more, learn more and create more, I have worked as a chef in five star hotels, started an office tiffin business, launched restaurants in Mumbai, and now hold culinary workshops in Alibaug. With over 2 decades in the culinary realm, I’m excited to do more with the plentiful resources and treasure of experience available to me.

You don’t need to be a pro chef to cook.

It all comes down to the basics, and that’s where I step in. Driven by my love for food and my need to escape the madness of the city, I began working on building A World Away, my kitchen and home in Alibaug. With classes taking place through the year (except the Monsoons), I don’t just demo recipes, we actually spend the day learning and cooking together.
Years in business
Customers served
Classes taught
Love for food


What a magical day. Thank you, Moshe. Was most satisfying for the heart, soul and stomachs.

Yakuta Sarkari

Thank you for a fantastic class and amazing break from the humdrum of everyday, Moshe!


Thank you, Chef! A wonderful, must-repeat experience!

Vasudha Alimchandani

My family has never been so proud of me! I think I made close to 100 raviolis – they were bloody fantastic! Thank you so much for bringing cooking to me. You got me excited about learning and cooking.


A big, big thank you, Moshe for making today such a wonderful day. It was my first-ever cooking class and it was simply perfect in every way!

Shaista Maini

Thank you, Moshe for a beautiful day. I got to do what I love most, in a beautiful surrounding, with beauty, serenity and artistry all around – including the kitchen. Your gentle nature and passion transfuses wonderfully into the food.